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Established in 1841 at Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada

Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Falls

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St. Patrick's Church, Carbonear: SUNDAY, 10:00AM

Sacred Heart Church, Heart's Desire: SUNDAY, 12:00PM

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190th Anniversary of First Catholic Church in Carbonear

St. Patrick's Parish is listed among the very first parishes in Newfoundland, and this year, 2016, is the 190th Anniversary of the First Catholic Church in Carbonear (1826 – 2016). Even before this, from 1784 until 1841, Carbonear was served by the priests of Harbour Grace.  Hence, this year is the 175th Anniversary of the Parish. Carbonear has had three churches dedicated to St. Patrick.  The first church was a wooden structure erected in 1826, thus making this year the 190th Anniversary of our first church. Evidence of the earlier years, can be found in the headstones in our cemetery, several of which date back over 200 years. Following is a sample of some of the earlier parishioners buried in the cemetery. More parishioners are buried in the older part of the cemetery from this earlier time; however, their headstones may have deteriorated and are lost, or perhaps were only temporarily marked and never replaced.



Died: April 20, 1815

80 years of age




March 14, 1820

37 years of age




Died: October 1, 1815

17 years of age

Sister of Captain Thomas Fitzgerald


GOULD, James

Died: August 11, 1831  

63 years of age

A native of Cloyne, Co. Cork, Ireland father of Michael Gould


KENNEDY, Michael

Died: January 15, 1826

66 years of age



KEOUGH, Patrick

Died: July 22, 1826

42 years of age

A native of Ireland in the Parish of Eathemere, County of Wexford



Died: August 2, 1832

13 years of age



PHELAN, Anstice

January 14, 1814




QUIGLEY, Patrick

October, 1840




St. Patrick's Church, Carbonear

Bulletins in Memory of

It is now possible to donate the cost of publishing the weekly bulletin in memory of a loved one, to remember you, your family or friends in prayer, or simply to advertise your business.  There will be a special section in each weekly bulletin to announce your donation and your intention.  The amount of your donation is up to you (a minimum of $25,.00, as this is the approximate cost of publishing the bulletin each week).  For income tax purposes, all donations will be credited to your yearly contribution receipt or, if you wish, on a separate receipt.  Please contact the parish office to make your donation and to reserve your date.


The parish office is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Rest in Peace, Monsignor Edward T. Bromley

In Memorium

Priests Buried in Carbonear Cemetery

There are 9 priests buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Carbonear. Three priests, Msgr. Felix McCarthy (d. 1944), Father William Cullen (d. 1948) and Msgr. Edward O'Brien (d. 1986) are buried on the south side of the church. Father Lawrence George (d. 1992) is buried in a family plot along side of his parents.  The grave sites of Rev. Dr. Edward Jones (d. 1964) and Father John Mackey (d. 1952) are found in the old cemetery, just west of the Convent building.  The grave site of Msgr. Joseph Peddle (d. 1976) is found in the new cemetery.

The grave site of Father James Donnely (d. 1916) is difficult to find; the headstone is tipped over and is in three pieces. It is located west of Fr. John Mackey's gravesite. Major work required on site.

The gravesite of Father James Gleeson (d. 1848) is not precisely known. His gravesite is located around the south-east area of the Convent building and is probably asphalted over. Fr. Gleason's headstone was moved to a religious plot in the old cemetery probably in the 1970s, but since 1983 the headstone has also disappeared, and is probably concreted over. Some type of a marker or headstone needs to be erected. Father Gleason was the first resident priest of St. Patrick's Parish, Carbonear.

Perhaps you could share your treasure and make a donation or offering in the memory of Father Donnelly and Father Gleeson.

Your gift would be used to fix up Fr. Donnelly's gravesite and erect a replacement Headstone for Father Gleeson. There are envelopes available at the back of the church or you may use a blank envelop (be sure to add your name and envelope number). Your stewardship is greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged in a later bulletin. If you have any questions, you may call the parish office.

For more infomation on the priests buried in Carbonear, check this link:


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