St. Patrick's R. C. Parish

Established in 1841 at Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada

Parish History

Established 1841


St. Patrick's Parish is listed among the very first parishes in Newfoundland.  From 1784 until 1841 it was attended to by the priests of Harbour Grace.  It has had three churches dedicated to St. Patrick.  The first church was a wooden structure erected in 1826.  Fifteen years later, in 1841, Fr. James P. Gleeson of Ireland was appointed resident priest.  He commenced the construction of the second church.  Present church was built in 1891.  The second chapel became a convent in 1895 and a school after that.


Fr. John Dalton, another Irishman, was the second priest for Carbonear.  In 1856 he was appointed Bishop of the newly formed Diocese of Harbour Grace.  The third priest appointed to Carbonear was another Irishman, Fr. John O'Connor.  He spent eighteen years dedicated to the parish of St. Patrick's.


In 1991, Carbonear celebrated its 165th anniversary of the first church built in 1826 and of the 150th anniversary of the first resident priest dating back to 1841 and the 100th anniversary of the present church.


As a final tribute to Carbonear, it should be noted that this town has the honour of having given a greater number of priests into the church than any other place in Newfoundland. Notably, Fr. James Brown, the first to labour as a priest in his own native province.  His brother, Fr. Thomas Brown, S. J., one time Provincial Director of the Jesuits in Ireland.  Fr. Patrick W. Brown, PhD., D. S. T. (Doctorate of Sacred Theology) and for some years a professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.  Fr. Francis Ryan, also of Carbonear, introduced The Devotion of The League of The Sacred Heart into Canada.  Then there was Fr. Felix McCarthy, Vicar General, Domestic Prelate, the First Prothonotary Apostolic in Newfoundland history in 1929 and one of the greatest churchmen of his time.


Fr. William Veitch 1874-1875 Fr. Joseph Donnelly 1874-1876
Fr. Stephen O'Flynn 1877-1878 Fr. Richard F. Walsh 1879-1884
Fr. Thomas E. Lynch 1883-1888 Msgr. Felix McCarthy 1889-1944
Fr. Thomas O'Neill 1944-1948 Fr. J. W. Peddle 1948-1953
Fr. Leo Burke 1953-1957 Msgr. J. W. Peddle (2nd term) 1957-1974
Msgr. William Hogan 1974-1980 Fr. David Heale 1981-1985
Fr. Brendan McCarthy 1985-1991 Fr. William Matthews 1991-2001

Fr. William Hearn

Fr. Michael Barker


2012- 2016

Msgr. E. T. Bromley

 Fr. Anthony


2016- Present 


Priests Born In Carbonear

Below is a link to a page containing a list of priests born in Carbonear:

 Priests Buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery

There are nine Priests buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Carbonear. For more information and pictures of these priests Click on the link below.

Priests Assigned To St. Patrick's Parish

The folowing page lists the priests who have been assigned to St. Patrick's Parish:


Parishioners Buried in Old Section of Cemetery

The headstones in our cemetery date back over 200 years. For a list of headstones found in the old section of St. Patrick’s cemetery in Carbonear in 1983, click the link below:

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